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Free ebook in Honor of Ozzy & Nikki

Wishing a very happy birthday to two talented long-time musicians Ozzy Osbourne & Nikki Sixx.  In their honor I’m doing a FREE e-book promotion on Dec 3 & Dec 11 of Humanizing the Jaguar on Amazon.  I hope that ALL music fans will enjoy the story and also play the game that is in-bedded within […]


Can’t believe its that time of year already I LOVE Halloween.    Went to see two newer movies “Annabelle” & “Ouija”.    Both were decent in comparison to what the movie industry has been releasing.  At least they were NOT the shaky camera type, that just gets on my nerves. AND it makes the movie […]

Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson

What can be said about Marilyn Manson that hasn’t been said before? I want to give a heartfelt Birthday wish to Brian Warner (the man behind the band) to have a VERY happy 45th Birthday on Jan 5th.   As a tribute to you and your music I want to offer a FREE book giveaway on Jan 5 […]

Black Sabbath 13 CD review

Back in June I did a post commenting on the new Black Sabbath 13 CD’s price.  This CD has three versions that I know of, the basic, the deluxe and the Best Buy deluxe.  Well I was surprised at how much this was going for BUT I finally broke down and bought it.  I was able […]

Free Ebook Promotion July 29-30

Free Ebook promotion of “Humanizing the Jaguar” on July 29-30, 2013 on I urge you to get your download and please review. It would be appreciated. Tell your friends, family anyone you might know that likes to read. The story is about a young boy who grows up to find success in the music […]

Free ebook Promotion June 23, 2013

Hey all you readers out there– mark the day for a Free ebook June 23, 2013 on Amazon for “Humanizing the Jaguar” my suspense rock n roll novel that has a fresh new twist. It’s a unique story about a troubled boy who becomes a music superstar and the struggles he goes through.  He learns how to deal with his demons with the […]

Device or Disturbed

Here’s the new CD from Device or should we really say David Draiman from Disturbed fame.  The voice is unmistakable along with most of the writing style. If you are a Disturbed fan than this is certainly a CD to add to your collection.  I’ve been following Disturbed for a long while and do like this CD even […]

My Chemical Romance bye bye

  Is it any wonder that when some get so popular that they feel no accountability?  Just today on Sixx Sense radio Nikki Sixx mentioned that the singer Gerard Way for MCR made the comment that he (the band) did not have to justify a reason for the break up. Guess that’s only a reflection of […]

Chevelle Stray arrows

This is a first time I’m doing an album review here on my site so here goes.  Recently in December 2012 Chevelle came out with a greatest hits CD and since I  heard the band name on the radio and didn’t have any of their music I decided to give it a try.   To my surprise I […]