Black Sabbath 13 CD review

Back in June I did a post commenting on the new Black Sabbath 13 CD’s price.  This CD has three versions that I know of, the basic, the deluxe and the Best Buy deluxe.  Well I was surprised at how much this was going for BUT I finally broke down and bought it.  I was able to get the Best Buy edition and must say I am totally satisfied it was well worth the money.  Ozzy’s vocals are great as always and the music is harder with more bass then Ozzy’s solo efforts which gives this a more Black Sabbath sound.  The lyrics are pretty predictable at times but the question Is GOD really dead? very thought provoking.     IF you haven’t listened to this CD  yet you should.  It’s always a treat for me to get to hear new material when Ozzy is the vocalist.     ALL right now!!!!  Keep on listening to the rock and roll….  Monica                                         

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