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What’s your favorite Halloween song?

Here are 4 classic Halloween songs: starting with an oldie but goodie from 1962   “Monster Mash”. It was a novelty song done by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. It’s been a holiday favorite ever since. “Warewolves of London” came out in 1978 performed by Warren Zevon and was in the top 40 of that year for six weeks. “This is Halloween” came out in […]

Alphas is a Cool Show!

Any SyFy fans out there?  I really like this show, but missed it several times last season because it only was on at 1am. Don’t know what the SyFy network was thinking showing an original show at such an odd hour. But I am glad to see that it was put on at a normal time once […]


The new MONSTER KISS CD is now out.  Personally I have not heard it yet.  People are saying it’s more like the older KISS style.   Please give reviews ….  at present I’m undecided if I am buying it. I’m a long time KISS fan since my teens , just not sure about this one.  Please convince me […]

Vince Neil performs with broken foot

The show does go on thanks to Vince Neil.  He’s a true professional that a broken foot won’t stop him from performing or disappointing the fans. Like many long timers Vince knows the imporance of the fans.  Keep on rockin Vince — we all love you and wish you the best!                                                                                                                                                  Hey if anyone reading this saw Vince performing with the […]