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Bye Bye to Being Human

  Once again one of my favorite shows “Being Human” has been canceled. It seems that this happens all the time to me.  I really looked forward to this show each week BUT at least it’s ending with a series final. Not like other shows I’ve invested time into on the Syfy network such as […]

Happy Halloween

      Halloween and TV do mix; this is one time of year we get a lot of great shows to watch that have a spooky theme. One favorite Friday night show returns on Oct 25th GRIMM.                                                                                                                                                                    Grimm Great show If you haven’t watched it you should   and a new show follows it called Dracula which looks good.  But don’t […]

Birthday shout out to Gene Simmons

Over the years the name Gene Simmons has become a household          name with a career spanning decades, his start began by dressing in a demon costume, breathing fire, playing bass, singing and writing songs for the popular band KISS. More recently he branched into TV with his reality show “Family Jewels”. One way or another people know Gene — he’s become […]

Alphas is a Cool Show!

Any SyFy fans out there?  I really like this show, but missed it several times last season because it only was on at 1am. Don’t know what the SyFy network was thinking showing an original show at such an odd hour. But I am glad to see that it was put on at a normal time once […]