Bored? How about trying something new. A book that has hidden music clues.

On April 1, 2020 “Humanizing the Jaguar” will be available as a FREE ebook download on Amazon. It’s my way to help anyone who is feeling bored during these times of staying inside. Make a game and see who finds the most clues with family or friends who are also reading the book. Thanks Monica. Everyone stay well and rock on.


I just want to give a big heart felt birthday shout out to the one and only music “GOD” Geddy Lee!   Wishing you a Rockin’ birthday. You are certainly one of a kind. Not only an extraordinarily  talented musician but a fantastic human being, father, husband, son etc. Your music will continue to inspire people for generations to come. Yet of all your recordings you have only gone down life’s journey Solo once giving us “My favorite headache”. (Which is at the top of my listen to list today)  It may be wishful thinking but we’d like to have more.  Maybe that will come to pass someday.  But until then I want to give a huge “Thank you” for all the joy you have given us fans.    With love & respect wishing you an enjoyable day.                                                                                                                         Monica

Free ebook in Honor of Ozzy & Nikki

Wishing a very happy birthday to two talented long-time musicians Ozzy Osbourne & Nikki Sixx.  In their honor I’m doing a FREE e-book promotion on Dec 3 & Dec 11 of Humanizing the Jaguar on Amazon.  I hope that ALL music fans will enjoy the story and also play the game that is in-bedded within the text.  Please enjoy and give a review.

Still Looking Good


Free E-Book on Dec 3 & Dec 11, 2017








Remember music is the spice of life.

Also I will be doing another promotion closer to Christmas for my new book Shattered Family Secrets.

New book Shattered Family Secrets

Happy Reading and hope that you get a copy of both my e-books.

Happy Birthday Geddy!!!

I want to Say Happy Birthday to Geddy Lee on July 29th.  It has been a sad year for us RUSH fans with the news of Neil’s troubles performing BUT we still hope and pray for new studio music either as a band or Geddy solo.   SO in honor of the greatest musician ever Mr. Geddy Lee I am doing a FREE book download on the 29th.  Please RUSH and ALL music fans enjoy the story and try and give the game a whirl. Also FEEDBACK please thanks so much.    I dare you to test your music trivia….  o



Book is on Amazon at Humanizing the Jaguar

All classic music fans should find this book to their liking its filled with clues from Rush, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Kiss, Journey just to name a few.  Won’t you play the game?

Also most important “Keep on Rocking” for what is life without music?    —- Monica

Battle of the Music guru’s

Will Two of New Jersey’s best known music trivia rivals take the challenge from a native NJ writer?     I am putting them on the spot with a DARE to test their music knowledge in a unique way.  I’ve written a book that is a full length fictional story with many music clues hidden right in the text.   I ask which if either of you will????     get your copy at “Humanizing the Jaguar”    Keep on rocking, Monica

Are you ready for a challenge?

hope you Both decide to take the DARE!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all

I want to wish everyone a #Merry Christmas and Happy 2016.  One musician comes to mind this time of year and that is @Chris_Daughtry who has a Birthday on Dec. 26th.  To honor Chris and the holiday I’ll be doing a #FREE book download on Dec 24, 26 & 28.   Humanizing the Jaguar For all music fans this would be a good read since the story is about a musician.  AND especially to fans who can appreciate Chris’s song #LongLiveRocknRoll  you certainly will find this book quite interesting. Chris, since your not touring right now around your Birthday I hope you will download my book, read and enjoy it.  It IS my gift to you & ALL musicians and music fans as well.   May your holidays be happy, healthy, joyful and filled with music!

Sincerely Monica


(if you have trouble highlighting & clicking link the book is Humanizing the Jaguar through Amazon  hope many of you get to read it)


AS of my last post ( htt  ‎ ) I mentioned that new Music is being released on Friday which means we (the buyer) should only expect it to be on a sale the Sunday it is posted in the sales flyers.   So IF you are interested at all in the hard copy buy it when you see it!  Sale prices are no longer a for sure thing and the store may only have a handful of copies.  Of course there is always the option to order online.

I am so EXCITED this week with 8 new CD’s coming out on Aug 21st that I WILL BE at Best Buy getting my fix on.

Check out the sale at Best Buy


I am Really looking forward to getting Disturbed which is $14.99 for the Deluxe or $9.99 for regular IF you are a fan you know that this will be a good one to get. Disturbed is always true to their style and sound. This one should be no different.    The the new Pop Evil deluxe will be $11.99 and is the most anticipated one for me. Pop Evil just gets better with each release there is no disputing that after listening to the first CD Lipstick on the Mirror to Onyx just how much they have grown as song writers and musicians. And I don’t think “UP” will disappoint!     Definitely two for me this week maybe three.  I’ll be rocking – hope you will be too.    Remember no matter what music you like support your favorites by buying !!!!!!  Monica



Just want to shout out to Geddy on his birthday July 29th.  Always wish you the best and look forward to hearing new music with RUSH or solo.   You are a true musician having perfected the art of       song writing, playing the bass & keyboards and my personal favorite your unique vocals.   Please continue  making GREAT music….   Thank you for all the entertainment you have given your fans        over the   40plus years, me being one of the biggest…..  In your honor I’m doing a Free ebook July 29 & 30th 2015.   It’s a long time goal of mine to have any of my favorite musicians read and enjoy      my story.  So musicians and music fans Please download and read my story. It’s available on Amazon under “Humanizing the Jaguar” or






Keep on Rocking   —— Monica

Happy Birthday to Marilyn Manson AKA Brian Warner

Hi all you music fans this is a quick shout out to Brian Warner wishing him a happy 46th birthday.   And don’t forget the NEW album “The Pale Emperor” is due out on Jan 20th.  After waiting over 2 years for new music this will be a treat, looking forward to listening with the headphones.  For me it’s all about the vocals.  


Wishing you a very happy, wonderful day Brian.

Keep on rockin,





Can’t believe its that time of year already I LOVE Halloween.    Went to see two newer movies “Annabelle” & “Ouija”.    Both were decent in comparison to what the movie industry has been releasing.  At least they were NOT the shaky camera type, that just gets on my nerves. AND it makes the movie feel so cheap like they couldn’t afford to hire professional camera people.  Anyway GO see these two.     And don’t forget about Chucky  hate him or love him he’s a Halloween classic…..    Keep on rockin Monica