Device or Disturbed


Device or Disturbed ???

Here’s the new CD from Device or should we really say David Draiman from Disturbed fame.  The voice is unmistakable along with most of the writing style. If you are a Disturbed fan than this is certainly a CD to add to your collection.  I’ve been following Disturbed for a long while and do like this CD even if I’ve only listened to it twice so far. It just was released April 9, 2013. The song that’s been getting radio airplay is “Vilify” which sounds very much like Disturbed.  Device feels very familiar and doesn’t disappoint.  Disturbed fans also know some of their CD’s have a cover song and this one follows suit with “If I close my eyes forever” the classic Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford song but here David teams up with Lizzy Hale.  If you are thinking about this CD I suggest getting it at Best Buy this week and go for the deluxe copy there are 3 bonus tracks. Yes, you read it correct I said to buy the CD. I’m from the old school and like to physically hold what I purchase in my hand and not have it in cyberspace somewhere.


Device or Disturbed or just David?  Hey all “D’s”

Happy listening, Monica

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