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This is a first time I’m doing an album review here on my site so here goes.  Recently in December 2012 Chevelle came out with a greatest hits CD and since I  heard the band name on the radio and didn’t have any of their music I decided to give it a try.

Chevelle Stray arrows Best buy

  To my surprise I heard many of these songs on the radio just didn’t know it was Chevelle. I was happy that I decided to buy the deluxe edition offered at Best buy, which has 4 bonus tracks.  I am an avid music fan (rock mainly) and could not believe I did not have this band in my collection yet.  I would highly recommend this CD and I plan on watching for future releases from them.    

Just a little info about the band, they came out in 1995 and were started by the Loeffler brothers in Illinois. They have sold 4 million LP’s in the US alone and have 6 studio CD’s. 

In case you didn’t notice I am a physical copy person and I even save the promo sticker that’s on the cellophane. LOL…..  

looking forward to some comments.   here’s the tracks included on the deluxe edition

1 Jars    2 Same old trip    3 Vitamin R    4 The red    5 I get it    6 Face to the floor       7 Saferwaters    8 Send the pain below    9 Sleep Apnea   10 The clincher    11 Open /point #1   12 Envy  13 Hats off to the bull   14 The meddler   15 Closure    16 Fizgig

keep rocking, 

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