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Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson

What can be said about Marilyn Manson that hasn’t been said before? I want to give a heartfelt Birthday wish to Brian Warner (the man behind the band) to have a VERY happy 45th Birthday on Jan 5th.   As a tribute to you and your music I want to offer a FREE book giveaway on Jan 5 […]

Free ebook Promotion June 23, 2013

Hey all you readers out there– mark the day for a Free ebook June 23, 2013 on Amazon for “Humanizing the Jaguar” my suspense rock n roll novel that has a fresh new twist. It’s a unique story about a troubled boy who becomes a music superstar and the struggles he goes through.  He learns how to deal with his demons with the […]

GOTH ICONS touring together

 I really love this pic who would ever think that Manson & Alice could be cute? LOL                         Manson & Alice Cooper two of ROCKS Great GOTH ICONS touring together to make one Great show!!!  Here is a list of dates            from Loudwire (music newsletter)  5/29 — San Diego, Calif. — House of Blues (Marilyn Manson only)  5/30 — […]

Happy 44th Birthday Brian! (Manson)

  On January 5, 1969 Brian Warner was born in Canton, Ohio.   Years later the world would come to know him as Marilyn Manson the voice and brains behind the controversial band.    Manson is most famous for the remake of “Sweet Dreams” if you haven’t seen the video check it out it’s quite different.       To […]

What’s your favorite Halloween song?

Here are 4 classic Halloween songs: starting with an oldie but goodie from 1962   “Monster Mash”. It was a novelty song done by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. It’s been a holiday favorite ever since. “Warewolves of London” came out in 1978 performed by Warren Zevon and was in the top 40 of that year for six weeks. “This is Halloween” came out in […]

Alphas is a Cool Show!

Any SyFy fans out there?  I really like this show, but missed it several times last season because it only was on at 1am. Don’t know what the SyFy network was thinking showing an original show at such an odd hour. But I am glad to see that it was put on at a normal time once […]

MANSON & ZOMBIE Twins of Evil Tour

This sounds like an awesome show! I’ve also heard that at some concerts there are special packages to buy for meeting the artists.  Does anyone have any experience with this if so tell us?  Personally, I’d be afraid to buy such high priced tickets & not be able to get in if it’s a scam.    But if it’s true how many […]