Happy Birthday Geddy!!!

I want to Say Happy Birthday to Geddy Lee on July 29th.  It has been a sad year for us RUSH fans with the news of Neil’s troubles performing BUT we still hope and pray for new studio music either as a band or Geddy solo.   SO in honor of the greatest musician ever Mr. Geddy Lee I am doing a FREE book download on the 29th.  Please RUSH and ALL music fans enjoy the story and try and give the game a whirl. Also FEEDBACK please thanks so much.    I dare you to test your music trivia….  o



Book is on Amazon at Humanizing the Jaguar  https://ow.ly/WmejS

All classic music fans should find this book to their liking its filled with clues from Rush, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Kiss, Journey just to name a few.  Won’t you play the game?

Also most important “Keep on Rocking” for what is life without music?    —- Monica

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