Happy Birthday to Sully Erna on Feb 7th (from  Godsmack) and Vince Neil on Feb 8th (from            

Motley Crue). Both are brilliant singers when performing solo or as part of their GREAT bands. These two bands have personally affected my life.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Motley Crue back in the 80’s and they put on a great show. I even had my dad go with me to a concert and he made a banner that was featured in a Motley Crue fan newsletter. It said, “What do you do at fifty-two? You go see the Crue, that’s what you do”. To think, back then he was considered old. However, we don’t think that way anymore, after all the guys in the band are all around that age now, as well as most of the fans. LOL…

What a character my dad was that he used to joke with me when the radio was on saying who is that? “Godsmack?”. It turned out to be quite a joke amongst my friends; everyone was Godsmack, and when they really did come on the radio, he would say it was someone else. He must have been playing around. If he only knew that he shared the same birthday as Sully…

Hope you both have a wonderful day and enjoy! Remember that the fans will always appreciate the music you give us and look forward to many more years to come. Stay healthy, young at heart and keep ROCKIN’!


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