Birthday Shout out to Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee from Rush celebrates his Birthday On July 29th I personally want to wish you a wonderful day and would like to thank you for the exceptional music you and RUSH have made over the course of your career. A career that has spanned through several decades. You have gone through many changes but have always remained true to the music and that is why the fans have been loyal. Looking forward to many more years of great entertainment and in honor of your Birthday I’m am doing a Free Ebook on July 29-30. Any and all RUSH fans out there please pick up your download of “Humanizing the Jaguar” on   Keep on reading and listening to the music,    Monica

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RUSH playing cards how cool is that?


Another unique RUSH item Signals puzzle

Looking for Book Readers Reviewers FREE Ebook

Hi Readers,

Looking to get some honest feedback on my book “Humanizing the Jaguar”.  I am having a two day promotion this month on July 29 & 30 through Amazon   Please give it a try and let me know what you thought of it.   Thanks so much, looking forward to your comments…  Monica


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Bye Bye to Being Human


Great cast

Once again one of my favorite shows “Being Human” has been canceled. It seems that this happens all the time to me.  I really looked forward to this show each week BUT at least it’s ending with a series final. Not like other shows I’ve invested time into on the Syfy network such as “Alphas” another really good show that was not even given a fair chance. Who watches first run shows at 1 am? What is up with this network?   A few years ago I started watching “Caprica” and of course that was canceled AND without an ending. Oh but wait I found out that a few extra shows were made and released on DVD. Shame on Syfy for doing that! Why not just air them?

Has anyone else noticed just how many shows get the ax on this network?

I’ve come to the conclusion that any new show on Syfy will be a waste of my time especially since this network really doesn’t care about their viewers. Shows come and go so fast just take a look at all the canceled shows Warehouse 13, Eureka, 666 Park Ave, Primeval: new world this is just a few; go to Wikipedia for a better list…. And don’t be surprised when your show gets the axe!

Keep on rocking,


Birthday Shout outs Happy Birthday Sully & Vince




Happy Birthday to Sully Erna on Feb 7th (from  Godsmack) and Vince Neil on Feb 8th (from

Motley Crue). Both are brilliant singers when performing solo or as part of their GREAT bands. These two bands have personally affected my life.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Motley Crue back in the 80’s and they put on a great show. I even had my dad go with me to a concert and he made a banner that was featured in a Motley Crue fan newsletter. It said, “What do you do at fifty-two? You go see the Crue, that’s what you do”. To think, back then he was considered old. However, we don’t think that way anymore, after all the guys in the band are all around that age now, as well as most of the fans. LOL…

What a character my dad was that he used to joke with me when the radio was on saying who is that? “Godsmack?”. It turned out to be quite a joke amongst my friends; everyone was Godsmack, and when they really did come on the radio, he would say it was someone else. He must have been playing around. If he only knew that he shared the same birthday as Sully…

Hope you both have a wonderful day and enjoy! Remember that the fans will always appreciate the music you give us and look forward to many more years to come. Stay healthy, young at heart and keep ROCKIN’!


Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson

What can be said about Marilyn Manson that hasn’t been said before? I want to give a heartfelt Birthday wish to Brian Warner (the man behind the band) to have a VERY happy 45th Birthday on Jan 5th.   As a tribute to you and your music I want to offer a FREE book giveaway on Jan 5 & 6th at  .    To all the Manson fans out there please pick up a copy, enjoy and review.  Thanks so much ….. Monica

Marilyn Manson

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Classic pic

Happy Birthday to Nikki Sixx

Looking good



December 11 is the day to wish a Happy Birthday to a true American Icon Nikki Sixx. He first graced us with his presence back in the early eighties but it wasn’t until he cofounded the band Motley Crue as the bassist did we learn about him. What a larger number of people don’t know is that Nikki is the main songwriter for Motley Crue  and along with Tommy Lee they founded and handpicked Vince and Mick to join them.  Motley Crue topped the charts for years in the 80’s & 90’s, and MTV placed them into heavy rotation making them a household name. Since then they have sold over 80 million records worldwide.

As cofounder of this highly successful band Nikki went on to branch out on solo projects one was to memorialize his experiences on paper publishing an autobiography. He has also ventured on to form other bands outside of Motley Crue, most recent  “Sixx AM” and hosts a radio show “Sixx Sense”, he is also a photographer, fashion designer and record producer . I’m sure that there is much more I’m leaving out.  BUT whatever Nikki attempts to do he finds success, continually adding to the many different hats he wears.

After listening to “Sixx Sense” show and hearing Nikki & Kerri talk about everyday topics it makes me feel closer to him knowing that he is not so different from the fans after all.

I wish Nikki a very happy birthday and look forward to what comes next. As a way to show MY appreciation I’d like the opportunity to offer Nikki my book “Humanizing the Jaguar” on Dec 11 (and any music fan out there) to read and enjoy.   Love and appreciate you Nikki.   Rock on,  Monica


Happy Birthday Ozzy



On December 3 it will be John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne’s 65th birthday. He was one of the founding members of Black Sabbath and went on to launch his solo career with the release of Blizzard of Ozz. He hasn’t recorded with Black Sabbath until “13” which was recorded in 2011 but released this past year.  Many people know Ozzy from his music roots and outlandish behavior but he was also known with TV watchers when he and his family had a reality show called The Osbourne’s back in the early 2000’s.  But no matter how you know of Ozzy one thing is for sure he is an ICON and a very down to earth person.

All fans will agree that he is one of a kind and we would like to wish you a very happy birthday.  And as my way to honor Ozzy I am also doing a book giveaway  on December 3rd so all you fans please check out my book “Humanizing the Jaguar.”.     Happy birthday Ozzy.    Love you and keep on rockin,   Monica

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Nikki & Ozzy share the same birthday month

Happy Halloween




Halloween and TV do mix; this is one time of year we get a lot of great shows to watch that have a spooky theme. One favorite Friday night show returns on Oct 25th GRIMM.

                                                                                                                                                                   Grimm Great show

If you haven’t watched it you should   and a new show follows it called Dracula which looks good.  But don’t forget all the other classics Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Sleepy Hallow (new) and Witches (new). Not to mention all the movies that are shown this time of year makes for some enjoyable TV watching.   Who can ever get tired of the great horror movies like Freddie? Or Final Destination or anything done by Steven King or Wes Craven?   How about some humor mixed in with “Warm Bodies” cute one.  But whatever your taste this is a GREAT month for TV and the Movies. The remake of the classic “Carrie” should be good. So keep on watching and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!     Monica

cute Halloween cat


Black Sabbath 13 CD review

Back in June I did a post commenting on the new Black Sabbath 13 CD’s price.  This CD has three versions that I know of, the basic, the deluxe and the Best Buy deluxe.  Well I was surprised at how much this was going for BUT I finally broke down and bought it.  I was able to get the Best Buy edition and must say I am totally satisfied it was well worth the money.  Ozzy’s vocals are great as always and the music is harder with more bass then Ozzy’s solo efforts which gives this a more Black Sabbath sound.  The lyrics are pretty predictable at times but the question Is GOD really dead? very thought provoking.     IF you haven’t listened to this CD  yet you should.  It’s always a treat for me to get to hear new material when Ozzy is the vocalist.     ALL right now!!!!  Keep on listening to the rock and roll….  Monica                                         

POP EVIL Meet & Greet

POP EVIL knows about my book that’s so awesome!!!!

As fate would have it, while on vacation in WI, I was presented with a rare opportunity to attend a POP EVIL show. I hurried to get my ticket the night before to guarantee I’d get in and boy was I surprised the next night. I not only got to see POP EVIL but I was among the first few fans to get a meet and greet with the band.  The guys were wonderful as they greeted the row of fans that were awaiting them. They each signed our CD’s, posters, shook hands, gave hugs and made an effort to say something to each fan but the most memorable part for me was having my picture taken with the band. This was something we’d all have as a special memory forever.

And even more so for me since I was also able to hand them my information about a book I wrote that has a music theme. They were very supportive and showed interest. It meant the world to me that finally musicians would know about it. After all that is who I dedicated the book to.  I hope that POP EVIL finds the time in their busy schedule to read it. But as you can see when I saw the picture up close I realized that  Matt was holding my card. That small gesture made this experience even more exciting and personal for me.

POP EVIL put on a great, high energy show that evening giving the fans a mix of new and older material. And the smaller venue made the show more intimate. The band was super cool and told the fans to stick around after the show cause they were going to hang out.  They really are a nice group of young men and IF they are in your area by all means go check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.      Keep on rockin, Monica check me out on youtube