Just want to shout out to Geddy on his birthday July 29th.  Always wish you the best and look forward to hearing new music with RUSH or solo.   You are a true musician having perfected the art of       song writing, playing the bass & keyboards and my personal favorite your unique vocals.   Please continue  making GREAT music….   Thank you for all the entertainment you have given your fans        over the   40plus years, me being one of the biggest…..  In your honor I’m doing a Free ebook July 29 & 30th 2015.   It’s a long time goal of mine to have any of my favorite musicians read and enjoy      my story.  So musicians and music fans Please download and read my story. It’s available on Amazon under “Humanizing the Jaguar” or  https://ow.ly/Q5RiL.






Keep on Rocking   —— Monica

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