AS of my last post ( htt  ‎ ) I mentioned that new Music is being released on Friday which means we (the buyer) should only expect it to be on a sale the Sunday it is posted in the sales flyers.   So IF you are interested at all in the hard copy buy it when you see it!  Sale prices are no longer a for sure thing and the store may only have a handful of copies.  Of course there is always the option to order online.

I am so EXCITED this week with 8 new CD’s coming out on Aug 21st that I WILL BE at Best Buy getting my fix on.

Check out the sale at Best Buy


I am Really looking forward to getting Disturbed which is $14.99 for the Deluxe or $9.99 for regular IF you are a fan you know that this will be a good one to get. Disturbed is always true to their style and sound. This one should be no different.    The the new Pop Evil deluxe will be $11.99 and is the most anticipated one for me. Pop Evil just gets better with each release there is no disputing that after listening to the first CD Lipstick on the Mirror to Onyx just how much they have grown as song writers and musicians. And I don’t think “UP” will disappoint!     Definitely two for me this week maybe three.  I’ll be rocking – hope you will be too.    Remember no matter what music you like support your favorites by buying !!!!!!  Monica

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