Ozzy and Sharon Let them be!!!

Sharon & Ozzy looking good together

Why can’t people just mind their own affairs? If any two people were meant to be together its Ozzy & Sharon.  They have proved how devoted they are to each other over the course of their relationship and marriage. Most of us do not know or could understand the chaotic lifestyle of an artist but through it all they have stood by each other. They deserve credit for that! Today it’s not very often we hear of people honoring their commitments to each other let alone in the entertainment business where many change partners like one changes their clothes. They have gone through many hard times, raised their children and managed to still be pretty normal people. I wish people would quit the bad mouthing and just leave them alone already!  It’s no one’s concern but theirs on matters dealing with their personal life. Instead let’s stand behind them and wish them the best and hope to see them work out their problems.

Wishing you both the best,   Monica


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