Happy Birthday ACE

Ace with guitar

Let’s give a warm shout out to a legendary guitarist Ace Frehley on his birthday April 27th. He was part of the Rock band “KISS” for years helping to skyrocket their success and was the mastermind in designing the famous “KISS” logo.

“KISS” was the only band to date where each member simultaneously released a solo LP back in 1978. From those efforts only 1 had a chart ranking single. Do you know which member and which song? Think about it moment if you can remember back that far lol.

After Ace’s run with “KISS” he went on to do solo LP’s personally I like them all even if Ace is not the lead vocalist on every song. A favorite song of mine is from the 1987 LP  “Frehley’s Comet” called “Rock Soldiers”. Some lyrics are “Ace is back and he told you so”   love it!!

His latest work “Anomaly” done back in 2009 is very much an Ace staple. If you’re a fan this should be in your collection.

Ace Frehley Anomaly

Happy Birthday Ace, wish you many more and looking forward to more music.

Keep on Rockin,


Kiss Solo LP ACE

If you were trying to guess the answer is Ace’s Solo LP and it had the hit “New York Groove”….. So did you guess correctly?

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