What’s your favorite Halloween song?

Here are 4 classic Halloween songs: starting with an oldie but goodie from 1962   “Monster Mash”. It was a novelty song done by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. It’s been a holiday favorite ever since. “Warewolves of London” came out in 1978 performed by Warren Zevon and was in the top 40 of that year for six weeks. “This is Halloween” came out in 1993 from the Tim Burton movie “The Nightmare before Christmas” and for the 13th ReRelease in 2006 it was done by Marilyn Mason. But of all the Halloween songs the most popular is  “THRILLER”  by Michael Jackson which was release in 1983. Only after the music video came out a few months later did it become a worldwide sensation.  Thriller was made at the beginning of the video era and was by far the most elaborate Music video ever made.  It ran over 13 minutes, had detailed choreography, fantastic makeup and spooky Vincent Price.  This song and video will surely go down in history for generations to come as an all time favorite Halloween experience.

Halloween Thriller

                Happy Halloween !!!          

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