Birthday shout out to Gene Simmons

Over the years the name Gene Simmons has become a household          name with a career spanning decades, his start began by dressing in a demon costume, breathing fire, playing bass, singing and writing songs for the popular band KISS. More recently he branched into TV with his reality show “Family Jewels”. One way or another people know Gene — he’s become an American Icon .       Happy Birthday Gene.  And keep on rockin,  Monica

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Happy Birthday Geddy Lee

Top notch musician

Geddy Lee from Rush celebrates his Birthday On July 29th I personally want to wish you a wonderful day and would like to thank you for the exceptional music you and RUSH have made over the course of your career. A career that has spanned through many decades. You have gone through many changes but have always remained true to the music and that is why the fans have been loyal. Looking forward to many more years of great entertainment and in honor of your Birthday I’m am doing a Free Ebook on July 29-30, 2013. Any and all RUSH fans out there please pick up your download of “Humanizing the Jaguar” on   Keep on reading and listening to the music,    Monica

Had to show this just too cool

How cool is this? RUSH playing cards




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Humanizing the Jaguar


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Book that honors the artists

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Who is responsible for the price? Band or Record company?

    Here is the cover of the new Black Sabbath CD that will be released on June 11, 2013 it is the first time since 1978 that Ozzy will be on vocals. So I ask WHY is the price so expensive for this CD? The standard version is 11.99 and only has 8 tracks but the Deluxe version has 2 discs the second disc includes 3 extra songs for 16.99 but the Best Buy edition has 4 extra songs for 15.99.  That would be the Best Buy (lol) but all in all I feel that some entity either the band or the record company is trying to cash in on the fact that Ozzy is back with Sabbath. There are not enough songs to justify the price.  I will be looking to see if this will be on sale this coming week at Best Buy but if not I think I will pass.  I LOVE Ozzy but I can’t see paying so much for this.   So is the reason for the title 13 because it’s released in 2013? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have 13 tracks on the CD?  Looking forward to some comments here?

thanks and keep rocking,

GOTH ICONS touring together

Having fun Goth Style

Having fun GOTH Style

 I really love this pic who would ever think that Manson & Alice could be cute? LOL                         Manson & Alice Cooper two of ROCKS Great GOTH ICONS touring together to make one Great show!!!  Here is a list of dates            from Loudwire (music newsletter)

 5/29 — San Diego, Calif. — House of Blues (Marilyn Manson only)
 5/30 — Tempe, Ariz. — Marquee (Marilyn Manson only)
 6/3 — Morrison, Colo. — Red Rocks Amphitheatre
 6/4 — Salt Lake City, Utah — USANA Amphitheatre
 6/6 — Los Angeles, Calif. — Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk
6/7 — Tucson, Ariz. — AVA Amphitheatre
6/8 — El Paso, Texas — Don Haskins Center
6/10 — Grand Prairie, Texas — Verizon Theatre
6/13 — Cleveland, Ohio — Jacobs Pavilion
6/15 — Montebello, Quebec — Marina Montebello

6/17 — Columbia, Md. — Merriweather Post Pavilion (feat. Gwar)
6/18 — Reading, Pa. — Reading Eagle Theater at the Sovereign Center
6/20 — Gilford, N.H. — Meadowbrook U.S. Pavilion
6/23 — Pittsburgh, Pa. — Stage AE
6/25 — St. Charles, Mo. — Family Arena
6/28 — Rockford, lll — BMO Harris Bank Center

What can I say I really like both artists and would love to see them again.  If anyone does go Please tell us all about it.  Who the headliner was and the set list for each. 

  thanks and looking forward to hearing from all you fans!!!! 

Keep rockin,   Monica


Ozzy and Sharon Let them be!!!

Sharon & Ozzy looking good together

Why can’t people just mind their own affairs? If any two people were meant to be together its Ozzy & Sharon.  They have proved how devoted they are to each other over the course of their relationship and marriage. Most of us do not know or could understand the chaotic lifestyle of an artist but through it all they have stood by each other. They deserve credit for that! Today it’s not very often we hear of people honoring their commitments to each other let alone in the entertainment business where many change partners like one changes their clothes. They have gone through many hard times, raised their children and managed to still be pretty normal people. I wish people would quit the bad mouthing and just leave them alone already!  It’s no one’s concern but theirs on matters dealing with their personal life. Instead let’s stand behind them and wish them the best and hope to see them work out their problems.

Wishing you both the best,   Monica


Happy Birthday ACE

Ace with guitar

Let’s give a warm shout out to a legendary guitarist Ace Frehley on his birthday April 27th. He was part of the Rock band “KISS” for years helping to skyrocket their success and was the mastermind in designing the famous “KISS” logo.

“KISS” was the only band to date where each member simultaneously released a solo LP back in 1978. From those efforts only 1 had a chart ranking single. Do you know which member and which song? Think about it moment if you can remember back that far lol.

After Ace’s run with “KISS” he went on to do solo LP’s personally I like them all even if Ace is not the lead vocalist on every song. A favorite song of mine is from the 1987 LP  “Frehley’s Comet” called “Rock Soldiers”. Some lyrics are “Ace is back and he told you so”   love it!!

His latest work “Anomaly” done back in 2009 is very much an Ace staple. If you’re a fan this should be in your collection.

Ace Frehley Anomaly

Happy Birthday Ace, wish you many more and looking forward to more music.

Keep on Rockin,


Kiss Solo LP ACE

If you were trying to guess the answer is Ace’s Solo LP and it had the hit “New York Groove”….. So did you guess correctly?