Happy Birthday to Nikki Sixx

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December 11 is the day to wish a Happy Birthday to a true American Icon Nikki Sixx. He first graced us with his presence back in the early eighties but it wasn’t until he cofounded the band Motley Crue as the bassist did we learn about him. What a larger number of people don’t know is that Nikki is the main songwriter for Motley Crue  and along with Tommy Lee they founded and handpicked Vince and Mick to join them.  Motley Crue topped the charts for years in the 80’s & 90’s, and MTV placed them into heavy rotation making them a household name. Since then they have sold over 80 million records worldwide.

As cofounder of this highly successful band Nikki went on to branch out on solo projects one was to memorialize his experiences on paper publishing an autobiography. He has also ventured on to form other bands outside of Motley Crue, most recent  “Sixx AM” and hosts a radio show “Sixx Sense”, he is also a photographer, fashion designer and record producer . I’m sure that there is much more I’m leaving out.  BUT whatever Nikki attempts to do he finds success, continually adding to the many different hats he wears.

After listening to “Sixx Sense” show and hearing Nikki & Kerri talk about everyday topics it makes me feel closer to him knowing that he is not so different from the fans after all.

I wish Nikki a very happy birthday and look forward to what comes next. As a way to show MY appreciation I’d like the opportunity to offer Nikki my book “Humanizing the Jaguar” on Dec 11 (and any music fan out there) to read and enjoy.   Love and appreciate you Nikki.   Rock on,  Monica


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