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Birthday shout out to Gene Simmons

Over the years the name Gene Simmons has become a household          name with a career spanning decades, his start began by dressing in a demon costume, breathing fire, playing bass, singing and writing songs for the popular band KISS. More recently he branched into TV with his reality show “Family Jewels”. One way or another people know Gene — he’s become […]

Free Ebook Aug 25

For anyone who missed my Free ebook promotion I’ll be having another one Aug 25, 2013 for “Humanizing the Jaguar” on Amazon.  This promo is in honor of Gene Simmons Birthday for all you KISS fans.  Keep on reading and of course rockin, …Monica PS check out my Youtube video it’s very KISS-ish…   looking forward to some reviews / […]

Happy Birthday Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee from Rush celebrates his Birthday On July 29th I personally want to wish you a wonderful day and would like to thank you for the exceptional music you and RUSH have made over the course of your career. A career that has spanned through many decades. You have gone through many changes but […]

Happy Birthday ACE

Let’s give a warm shout out to a legendary guitarist Ace Frehley on his birthday April 27th. He was part of the Rock band “KISS” for years helping to skyrocket their success and was the mastermind in designing the famous “KISS” logo. “KISS” was the only band to date where each member simultaneously released a […]

Happy Birthday to Jon BonJovi

Time for another rockers Birthday.  Happy birthday to Jon BonJovi a NJ native (like myself) and who also shares my mom’s Birthday.    Besides being part of the band Jon has 2 solo LP’s, he’s a record producer and has done some acting.  The band BonJovi has sold over 130 million records — pretty unbelievable!!!! Most of those  sales […]


           Happy Birthday to Sully Erna on Feb 7th (from  Godsmack) and Vince Neil on Feb 8th (from             Motley Crue). Both are brilliant singers when performing solo or as part of their GREAT bands. These two bands have personally affected my life. I have had the pleasure of seeing Motley Crue […]